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Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. Post on Linkedin. This CMO newsletter delivered by Forbes provides up-to-date reports and news directly for top-level marketing officers and all those who revolve around messaging-related roles. If you’d like to stay informed about Elon Musk’s recent doings on Twitter, make sure to click the link and receive updates to your inbox every Wednesday. Last year, when Musk purchased the social network, his decisions about it and his debates on it have caused numerous disputes and stirred up conflict. Compared to the prior weeks, the past seven days on the platform have been incredibly turbulent. On the X service, which has been remade, Elon Musk tweeted that an antisemitic remark was “real fact,” and answered with a response that countered the Anti-Defamation League. As a reaction to the latest tweets and a report from Media Matters for America uncovering that commercials from multiple companies were displayed next to posts denying the Holocaust and giving praise to Hitler, Apple, Disney, and IBM removed all their advertisements off the platform.



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